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Business Model


Hardware App Development case study Overview

Product overview

E-Strum is the application and device for checking the presence of light at home or in another room.

Our dedicated and experienced team of smart technology specialists settle for nothing less than the highest standards in smart home planning and integration.

Such a solution allows people to optimize home technologies to improve, enhance, and simplify people's day-to-day lives.


In the current hardware software development case study we highlight several challenges that we managed to successfully cope with:

  • Installation of new firmware on the microcontroller over the air, it was necessary to do:
  1. CI/CD pipeline (devOps part)
  2. write the code in the basic firmware that will flash the microcontroller itself (embedded)
  3. to implement a server that would issue fresh firmware (backend) with the necessary security
  • High load on the server, as a lot of devices were running (optimization of contracts) (devOps + backend)
  • Complex device connection algorithm (control of requests to connect Wi-Fi, control of registration requests on the server, control of active devices) (embedded)
  • A complex event-oriented cycle, since the device can be shared in the system, it was necessary to take into account the transmission of events to all subscribers.

Work process

Our goal-oriented team always does their best to focus on the final results and the high quality of solution.

E-Strum solution development process included the following steps:

  • Needs identification — discovering a customer's requirements, constraints, pain points and motivations.
  • Mockup creation stage.
  • Development of MVP.
  • The hardware development part.
  • Device development process.
  • Solution testing — ensuring the quality of the hardware and software of a mobile or handheld device.

Each member of the team was given a specific role to ensure hardware mobile application case study goals were reached successfully.

Well organized work process guaranteed fully customizable solution that can be tailored to business requirements and assured success of case study in application development for hardware.

Technologies stack

How it looks

case study app screen
case study app screen
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Nowadays, many Ukrainians are faced with the problem of the absence of light both on schedule and not on schedule. In order to properly make your plans for the day for maximum productivity and manage your time, we created an application and a device that can monitor the presence of light in your home and build analytics according to your schedule.

E-Strum uses world-leading technologies to provide a responsive and reliable solution of checking the presence of light at home or in another room.

What is important for this case study in hardware mobile app development is that we've done a great job understanding the main pain points and desires of business.

Why Lunka as a Development Partner

What ensured the success of the current project and growing hardware application development case study
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24/7 communication

The success of the project greatly depends on the way we communicate from the beginning of partnership and how we understand your app idea to implement it.

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Established testing & bug fixing process

We pay special attention whether the app is developed in compliance with functional specifications and whether all the features function as the client expected them to.

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Completing the project on a tight schedule

We believe that the best product is a product that is ready on time and meets all the requirements of the client.

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Project support

We are focused on long-term relationships — therefore we treat other people's projects as our own, the quality of execution always comes first.

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Learn more about app development for a service that provides biological nutrition for pregnant women.

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WBA is an extension that helps the customer find the right vitamins/pills for their symptoms.

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