Health and Fitness App Development Services

Bring real value to your users and business with health and fitness app development

Health and Fitness App Development Solutions

Training and workout

We cover development of a range of applications that are adaptable to the user, include features allowing create training plans in tune with their fitness levels and goals, share progress or garner motivation, monitor progress


Diet and nutrition

We create applications that are tolerated to user’s needs and reflect your business idea, include the following key features: measure calories, a collection of video recipes, workouts and meal planner to weight loss, progress tracker, tips on supplements and sports nutrition etc


Wellness apps

Such apps cover meditation and managing stress, lullabying to sleep, organizing routines, workouts and other wellness activities. Depending on users goals for physical health, such apps focus on different ways to stay in tune with the body


All-in-one apps

This type of app combines the functionality of several health and fitness app categories in one. An all-in-one app combines various app features on a single app, making it easy for users to do tasks that they would usually use multiple apps for


Branded Apps for Personal Trainers and Gyms

Applications that allow users and trainers to optimize workouts in the gym: control workouts and records, provide convenient ways to pay for subscriptions, find a personal trainer, choose type of training, taking into account the fitness level of the user


Why Lunka

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Healthcare expertise

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Focus on long-term relationships

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Deep diving into clients business

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Flexibility in the process

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Support & Maintenance after the project is complete

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On-Time Delivery

Features to build cost-effective health & fitness application

User personalization

  • Make sure your app refers to collecting user info like age, gender, weight, height, etc to improve user experience and to increase your profit.

Synchronize data across devices

  • Make sure your application provides a high-speed and simple data synchronization with a fitness tracker and mobile device.

Activity summary based on date range

  • Help the users evaluate the progress in a given period of time and set long term goals accordingly with activity summaries.
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Match Fit Pass

Match Fit Pass is the world’s first fully end-to-end solution designed to transform customer experiences through a combination of ultra-secure ticketing, testing, travel & payment solutions.

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Learn more about app development for a service that provides biological nutrition for pregnant women.

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WBA is an extension that helps the customer find the right vitamins/pills for their symptoms.

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Our process

We have a comprehensive approach to creating native and cross-platform applications focused on the client’s business. We always do our best to give out all the calculations the shortest time, so that client easily can get answers to all questions.

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  • We receive a technical references and form a design for it
  • Form a list of questions and approve it with a Client
  • Set deadlines and workflows
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the process is quite simple

  • Then everything is simple — the employee shows himself and control the situation
  • We receive a request for a required specialist position
  • Technical interview and test an English level



How much does it cost to create a fitness application?

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On average, costs of developing a telemedicine app starts from $15 000 to upwards of $20 000 depending on the features, time required to develop such an application and complexities of the application being developed

We’re ready to make a custom estimation of your project so don’t hesitate to contact us!

What are the core app features to consider during health and fitness app development?

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  • User personalization
  • Synchronize data across devices
  • Goal setting and Tracking
  • Push notifications
  • Social sharing
  • Video tutorials
  • Gamification

Why should I choose Lunka as a health and fitness application development company?

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Real experience as a health and fitness app development company & a number of successfully implemented projects by our health and fitness app development developers that proves expertise

High level communication skills — doing business with us is as easy as buying a Netflix subscription

Understanding that the best product is a product that is ready on time and meets all the requirements of the client

We’re focused on long-term relationships — therefore we treat client’s projects as our own, the quality of execution always comes first

Does a telehealth app need to adhere to the HIPAA regulations and how to know if my app should be HIPAA Compliant?

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As long as your medical app records, stores, manages or shares personal information (e.g., date of birth) and especially protected health information (PHI), that makes you a business associate, and your application has to comply with HIPAA

What are mobile app development services Lunka provides?

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  • Android app development & iOS app development
  • Cross-platform development
  • CI & CD setup for mobile applications
  • Stress testing
  • Publishing to the App Store & Play Market
  • Code review and architectural analysis
  • Bugtecking system connection
  • BLong term support & maintenance for published applications

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