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Increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve existing processes in your business with software R&D centers services in Lunka.

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Software research and development services

We focus on the development of custom software according to the client's business goals and offer solutions that include hypothesis development, documentation development, and reverse engineering. Our services also include:

Consulting services

We provide tech-savvy advisory services to help you validate and choose the most relevant processes, tools, competences, technologies and delivery model that meets your business objectives.

consulting services

Customized services and unique tech solutions for your business

Hire Lunka as a R&D in software development company as we have willingness and enthusiasm to assume various complex tasks to find the best solution and bring profit to your business thus becoming a reliable technological partner. Validate your existing idea, get expert opinion and professional help with implementation.

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Why Lunka


App development expertise


Focus on long-term relationships


Deep diving into clients business


Flexibility in the app development process


On-Time Delivery


Support & maintenance after the project is complete

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In order to properly make your plans for the day for maximum productivity and manage your time, we created an application and a device that can monitor the presence of light in your home and build analytics according to your schedule.

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Our process

We have a comprehensive approach to creating native and cross-platform applications focused on the client’s business. We always do our best to give out all the calculations the shortest time, so that client easily can get answers to all questions.

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  • We receive a technical references and form a design for it
  • Form a list of questions and approve it with a Client
  • Set deadlines and workflows
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the process is quite simple

  • Then everything is simple — the employee shows himself and control the situation
  • We receive a request for a required specialist position
  • Technical interview and test an English level



What is R&D software development?

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R&D is a study with the goal of impending something new — a new product or service; developing new or existing products that have boosted effectiveness and greater functionality.

Why should I invest in research and development (R&D)?

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Research and development is a crucial driver of economic progress as it stimulates invention, innovation and progress. Research and development is very vital for any organization and its subsequent sustainability. The more you do research before developing the product or application, the bigger chances you have that the product will be more robust and long-lasting. R&D spending can lead to finding more efficient methods of work and breakthroughs that can drive both profits and wellbeing for clients.

How can R&D help in developing software products?

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The research and development phase is the first stage that helps companies analyze their ideas and find the best ways to implement them. Research & Development specialists take into account a large variety of components to create a product that will be distinguished by its uniqueness, meet all your requirements and satisfy the customer’s needs. As a result of this stage, you get a lot of competitive advantages that will help you to maintain a leading position in the market.

What is the main difference between a software R&D team and an extended team?

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Extended development teams are supervised by vendors who assign project managers to help you with such stages as onboarding, training, etc. While working with a software R&D team you have an opportunity to manage the team freely and independently with no negotiators. Also the big advantage is that you need to pay just a one-time charge per hire for your R&D team member with no buy-out fees in the future cooperation, while for an extended team you’ll be charged monthly and pay an additional fee to buy out the team.

How much do research & development software services cost?

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On average, the hourly rate for research and development in software development in Lunka ranges from $35-45.. We’re ready to make a custom estimation of your project so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Why should I choose Lunka as a partner for research and development in software industry?

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  • Real experience & a number of successfully implemented projects that proves expertise.
  • High level communication skills — doing business with us is as easy as buying a Netflix subscription.
  • Understanding that the best product is a product that is ready on time and meets all the requirements of the client.
  • We’re focused on long-term relationships — therefore we treat client’s projects as our own, the quality of execution always comes first.

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