Custom Javascript Development Services

We provide JavaScript-based solutions to help companies in achieving their challenging needs and long-term business goals

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Custom javascript development services

As a custom Javascript development company we ensure you with highly scalable applications and web solutions customized and personalized for your business. So you can achieve your digital goals effortlessly

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Javascript web app development services

We have a strong experienced team of JavaScript developers who can help you with all aspects of your web development project. Our deep expertise allows us to create medern effective web solutions based on the strong development strategy to provide users with cohesive experience and to increase business profit as a result.

Javascript web app development services
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Javascript mobile app development services

Our development team can help you create interactive and engaging applications that are easy to use and scale. With a deep expertise in JavaScript and best coding practices we provide effective and secure mobile app development solutions.

Javascript mobile app development services
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Unique tech solutions for your business

Hire Lunka as a Javascript software development company as we have willingness and enthusiasm to assume various complex tasks to find the best development solution and bring profit to your business thus becoming a reliable technological partner. Validate your existing idea, get expert opinion and professional help with implementation.

Unique tech solutions for your business

Why Lunka


App development expertise


Focus on long-term relationships


Deep diving into clients business


Flexibility in the app development process


On-Time Delivery


Support & maintenance after the project is complete


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Our process

We always do our best to give out all the calculations in the shortest possible time, so that the client easily can get answers to all questions.
We have a comprehensive approach to creating innovative solutions focused on the client’s business

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  • We receive a technical references and form a design for it
  • Form a list of questions and approve it with a Client
  • Set deadlines and workflows
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the process is quite simple

  • Then everything is simple — the employee shows himself and control the situation
  • We receive a request for a required specialist position
  • Technical interview and test an English level



How much does Javascript application development services cost?

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On average, hourly rate on development in Lunka starts from 35$ and the cost of the final solution depends on the features, required time of development and complexities of the solution being developed. We’re ready to make a custom estimation of your project so don’t hesitate to contact us!

How long does it take to build a javascript application in Lunka?

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Generally it’s hard to make exact calculations when it comes to time spent on custom Javascript development services. But according to our experience on average the development process takes from 3 months and longer.

What is Javascript used for in web development?

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JavaScript is a text-based programming language used both on the client-side and server-side that allows to make web pages interactive. This language gives an opportunity to animate images, to create adapting content that changes based on the behavior, preferences, and interests of the user, control multimedia, improves the performance of websites and web applications by reducing the code length etc.

Javascript web development services involve everything related to building a web-based solution – whether it is a simple text page or a complex web application.

What is JavaScript for app development?

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JavaScript frameworks can be used both for the backend and frontend processes of mobile application development and this is a strong advantage for mobile app development. Moreover JavaScript frameworks can be used across several platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows.

Third-party additions allow the development team to add snippets of predefined code in their code to save time and money.

What are JavaScript advantages?

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  • Interoperability

JavaScript can be inserted into any web page and can be used in many different kinds of applications thanks to support in other languages.

  • Server Load

JavaScript is client-side, so it reduces the demand on servers overall, and simple applications may not need a server at all.

  • Rich interfaces

JavaScript can be used to create features which greatly enhance the user interface and overall experience of a website.

  • Speed

JavaScript isn't slowed down by calls to a backend server. Also, major browsers all support just in time compilation for JavaScript, meaning that there's no need to compile the code before running it.

  • Simplicity

JavaScript is relatively easy to learn compared to other popular languages.

Why should I hire Lunka as a Javascript application development company?

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  • Real experience & a number of successfully implemented projects that proves expertise.
  • High level communication skills — doing business with us is as easy as buying a Netflix subscription.
  • Understanding that the best product is a product that is ready on time and meets all the requirements of the client.
  • We’re focused on long-term relationships — therefore we treat client’s projects as our own, the quality of execution always comes first.

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