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DevOps Services

In Lunka we provide devOps development services with solutions enveloping various capabilities, including on-demand workload management, lightweight architecture, security, and automated testing techniques, web app devOps services etc.
solution iconInfrastructure Architecture Design

Planning and implementing the infrastructure for a cloud computing environment. Includes designing the hardware, software, networking, and other components needed to support the deployment and operation of applications and services on the cloud.

solution iconInfrastructure Management

Planning, organizing, and controlling the operations and maintenance of an organization's infrastructure. Includes the hardware, software, networking, and other components that support the deployment and operation of applications and services.

solution iconOperational Management

Managing the day-to-day activities and processes that are necessary for an organization to function effectively. Involves activities such as planning and scheduling work, coordinating resources, monitoring performance, and controlling costs.

solution iconInfrastructure Monitoring

The process of continuously monitoring the performance and availability of an organization's infrastructure. Includes the hardware, software, networking, and other components that support the deployment and operation of applications and services.

solution iconIncident Management

Identifying, triaging, and resolving incidents that occur in an organization's infrastructure. An incident is an event that disrupts or threatens to disrupt the normal operation of the infrastructure.

solution iconCapacity Management

Planning, coordinating, and controlling the use of an organization's resources, including hardware, software, networking, and other components, to ensure that they meet the current and future needs of the organization.

solution iconProcess Implementation

Introducing and implementing a new process or procedure within an organization. This can involve designing the process, communicating the details to stakeholders, training employees, and integrating the process into the organization's existing systems and procedures.

solution iconProcess Automation

Use of automation tools and techniques to streamline and simplify the process of developing and deploying applications and services on the cloud. This can help organizations improve their agility, efficiency, and innovation, by enabling them to quickly and easily deploy and scale their applications and services on the cloud.

solution iconAvailability Management

Ensuring that an organization's applications and services are available and accessible to users when needed. This is particularly important in a cloud computing environment, where applications and services are often accessed and used over the internet.

solution iconRelease Management

Coordinating, planning, and controlling the rollout of new releases of software and other applications and services. This involves testing and verifying the functionality and stability of new releases, as well as coordinating the deployment of the releases to production environments.

solution iconSecurity Management

Ensuring the security and integrity of applications, data, and infrastructure in a cloud computing environment. This includes protecting against threats such as data breaches, cyber attacks, and unauthorized access.

solution iconCost Optimization

Minimizing the cost of using cloud computing resources, while still meeting the organization's business and technical needs. This can involve finding ways to reduce the cost of cloud infrastructure, optimizing the use of resources, and leveraging cost-saving features and services offered by cloud providers.

Why Lunka


App development expertise


Focus on long-term relationships


Deep diving into clients business


Flexibility in the app development process


On-Time Delivery


Support & maintenance after the project is complete


DevOps tools & platforms

tools & platforms
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Match Fit Pass

Match Fit Pass is the world’s first fully end-to-end solution designed to transform customer experiences through a combination of ultra-secure ticketing, testing, travel & payment solutions.

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Our process

We have a comprehensive approach to creating native and cross-platform applications focused on the client’s business. We always do our best to give out all the calculations the shortest time, so that client easily can get answers to all questions.

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  • We receive a technical references and form a design for it
  • Form a list of questions and approve it with a Client
  • Set deadlines and workflows
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the process is quite simple

  • Then everything is simple — the employee shows himself and control the situation
  • We receive a request for a required specialist position
  • Technical interview and test an English level



How much do devOps services and solutions cost?

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On average, the hourly rate for devOps development in Lunka ranges from $35. We’re ready to make a custom estimation of your project so don’t hesitate to contact us!

How long do devOps services and solutions take?

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Generally it’s hard to make exact calculations when it comes to time spent on devOps development solutions. But according to our experience, on average the development process takes from 1 week and longer.

Why should I choose Lunka as a devOps services company?

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  • Real experience as a devOps services provider & a number of successfully implemented projects that proves expertise.
  • High level communication skills — doing business with us is as easy as buying a Netflix subscription.
  • Understanding that the best product is a product that is ready on time and meets all the requirements of the client.
  • We’re focused on long-term relationships — therefore we treat client’s projects as our own, the quality of execution always comes first.

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